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Improving community for photographers everywhere.


JustShoot is a community and platform for photo enthusiasts to find cool locations for photo shoots.


Fullstack Developer


August 2020 to Present

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Why JustShoot?

As a hobbyist photographer, one dilemma I always find myself in is never knowing where to go to shoot photos. Sometimes I want to visit somewhere with a lot of greenery, or maybe somewhere with a lot of graffiti and city buildings, but I never know where to start looking. This gave me an idea: what if you could have a website that served as a ‘Yelp’ for photographers? It could show photo destination spots for what you are looking for, and also show you feedback on how nice or bad the location is. This idea then turned into JustShoot.


What is JustShoot?

JustShoot is a community and platform for photo enthusiasts to find cool locations for photo shoots. You can browse the map and search for snap spots posted by the JustShoot community. Get inspired by photographers in the area, find great spots to take photos, and share your own. To share photos with the community, double click the map or press the plus in the top right corner, upload your photo, set the correct location, and add a little writeup and details. The result is a collaborative open community and platform for photography enthusiasts, both amateur and professional.


How it was built.

JustShoot on the back end is built on top of Node.js/Express and MongoDB. On the front end, JustShoot uses React and Bootstrap. In addition, the web application also uses MapBox to provide its location data and show the places data and photo spots. Finally, JustShoot is deployed using Heroku.

JustShoot was the first full stack project I created this past summer, and it taught me a lot about backend development and creating fully responsive web applications. In the future, I hope to add more features and functionality to the site, such as adding logins and profile pages for users, allowing multiple pictures to be shared, and also photospot suggestions based on where locations people search for. Check out the repo here.


React Heroku MongoDB NodeJS Bootstrap